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Principal’s Message – 09/07/10

Date: September 7, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Infosnap Update
I hope by now you have received your letter from the district with instructions about registering all your children’s enrollment information on infosnap. This will automatically populate the many forms that in prior years came back to the school in drips and drabs, requiring Cathy to contact parents and send home extra forms for months, before all our students’ vital information was finally complete. Phew! Just remembering it is exhausting!

While all of us in the district are feeling the strain of flexing our brains to learn new procedures this year, in the end I expect they will simplify our lives. The trick now will be to make certain the time and energy we gain isn’t absorbed by some other, unintentional activity. (Remember the simplicity of life before the convenience of text and email messages over your phone? How about before cell phones, period?) Let’s join together this year to fully appreciate those in-between moments; perhaps by simply taking a deep breath and realizing how special it is to be alive on this planet together.

The Promise of a New School Year
It was heartening to see such a big turnout at Back To School Night. In addition to sharing fundamental expectations for our students’ academic accomplishments and behaviors, teachers are also busy getting to know each student individually. A variety of classroom and whole grade-level assessments are taking place in order to determine next-step instruction for the children. Thank you for your part in communicating your children’s unique strengths and needs with their teachers.

Safety First!
Lastly, a few notes about traffic here at BA:

  • Thank you, walkers! Although it takes a bit longer to park away from Belle and walk your children onto and away from campus, it certainly enhances the experience—clearly obvious from your smiling faces and relaxed conversations with each other.
  • Getting out of your vehicles in the drop-off and pick-up line is STILL against the rules—even if you just leave for a moment. That is why the bright orange courtesy ticket was left on your windshield. Thanks for cooperating!
  • Entrance onto campus through the back gate on Rutherdale is for neighborhood walkers only. Please do not drop off or pick up there—it is dangerous for the walkers and is a posted “No Parking” zone as well.
  • Please, please do not walk through the staff parking lot! A sign there will remind you and keep you from being accidentally run over by a backing car.

Best always,


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