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Principal’s Message – 09/13/10

Date: September 12, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message


Every spring at Brittan Acres, students in 2nd – 4th grades take California’s STAR tests—standardized assessments in English/Language Arts and Mathematics. The tests are meant to measure progress according to state standards for each grade level. At the end of August, parents are sent a copy of their children’s reports. In September, schools are assigned Academic Performance Index (API) scores based on their students’ overall performance on the tests.

As many of you know, we have been expecting a lowered API for the 2009-10 STAR tests. This is because our population changed significantly last year when our school district’s 2nd – 4th grade Special Day Classes were moved to BA to better meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. As a result, we have a much larger number of students whose test scores tend to be significantly lower (but not always) than the general population.

The newspapers will soon run all the area schools’ API numbers. When you see BA’s score, please be prepared for a large dip. Again, this was anticipated ever since the district made the decision to place Special Day Classes at BA.

I think you know how proud I am of our school, and the outstanding work that is done here to educate all our students. In no way should you perceive this drop in our scores to be a signal that BA has somehow “lost” its excellence. I assure you we are still the same, very functional school you woke up to this morning, before reading this news.

I will be happy to share more with you at one of two forums I’ll be hosting on this topic in our MUR:

  • 7:00 PM Thursday, September 16 (with our Superintendent Dr. Baker)
  • 8:30 AM Friday, September 17

Finally, please remember the only important scores from last year’s tests are your own children’s—you’ll want to know that they are making progress. The teachers and I are glad to discuss those scores with you, and where necessary, strategize with you about ways to improve your own students’ learning. If you have more questions for me, please let me know.


John Triska

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