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Principal’s Message – 10/4/10

Date: October 3, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA families,

Safety Patrol Begins Today

Beginning this morning, from 8:05-8:25, squads of trained 3rd and 4th grade volunteers will help to keep Brittan Acres safe at drop-off time. This program, currently sponsored by Mrs. Kirby, has been a long-standing tradition at Brittan Acres School. In fact, Mr. Liner proudly served when he was a student at Brittan Acres, not too many years ago.

A Variety of Important Roles

Most visible to parents dropping off in the morning are the brightly vested curbside greeters. Their job is to signal drivers to pull as far up the drop-off zone as possible, and once cars have stopped, to assist by opening doors and helping children out. Five cars will be signaled to pull up and unload; cars in the line should not depart until all car doors are closed and the safety patrol signals all drivers to pull forward, together. (Drivers, please look over your left shoulder to be sure there isn’t already a vehicle alongside you, before pulling away from the curb.)

Thanks also to this service group, the U.S. and California flags will be flying on the flagpole each morning when you arrive.

Less visible, but no less important, Safety Patrol students in the hallways will remind children to walk, not run, and to please go directly to the upper playground where there is adult supervision—rather than visit patios and classrooms—before the 8:20 bell rings.

Finally, at the ramp to the upper playground, the Safety Patrol will direct students arriving from the back of the school with bikes and scooters to walk them down the ramp. They will be prepared to get help should any unforeseen problem arise.

Encouraging Student Leadership

Families, thank you for supporting these students’ emerging leadership through your cooperation and encouragement. Remember, “Safety First!”


John Triska