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Principal’s Message – 10/11/10

Date: October 10, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA Families,

Brittan Acres’ Computer Lab Opens

Last week, Brittan Acres’ classrooms began attending Computer Lab lessons taught by Technology Associate Inger West. Ms. West collaborates with classroom teachers to tailor technology experiences to individual grade-level and classroom studies. This year the Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes will receive 30 minutes of lab instruction; 3rd and 4th grades will receive 45 minutes in the lab each week. (Teachers may also choose to drop in for additional lab time, if needed, during open slots in the lab schedule.)

The Role of Our Technology Associate

This year Ms. West’s position allows her to directly teach BA classes in the lab every other week and to support our classroom teachers’ lab instruction during the off-weeks (while she is teaching the lab classes at White Oaks school). She is also responsible for general technology support at Brittan Acres and White Oaks—work she accomplishes between her scheduled classes.

Another of Ms. West’s goals is to support the evolving use of technology in our classrooms. You may have noticed that our teachers all use document cameras (affectionately referred to as ELMOs for their brand name) and LCD projectors. These tools improve classroom teaching by enhancing visual learning. They allow teachers to project real-time video of a variety of classroom experiences. For example, children visually follow the details of a writing or problem-solving activity from anywhere in the classroom. Additionally, the LCD projectors may toggle back and forth from document camera to the teacher’s laptop computer. With this technology, students may engage in word processing lessons, network with selected science or social studies media, or participate in other computer-driven lessons their teachers choose to lead. Part of Ms. West’s role is to help teachers explore the many possibilities that our new classroom technologies allow.

A Scope and Sequence for K-4 Technology Instruction

Additionally, along with Technology Associate Christie Manuel and Coordinator of Educational Technology Marie Crawford, Ms. West is developing a scope and sequence of technology skills and standards for each K-4 grade level. When complete, this tool will guide teachers and inform parents about expectations for student learning in technology.

Stay tuned for more technology news as the year progresses!


John Triska