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Friendship Program Update: October’s Lifeskill

Date: October 17, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Parent Updates, Tips

Friendship Program Update – October Lifeskill

Flexibility is the lifeskill that we are studying in our school community this month. We are practicing physical and cognitive flexibility – body and brain. Cognitive flexibility requires the willingness to change plans and accept different ideas. Developing flexibility is a process that requires practice and discipline.

One of my favorite books about flexibility is “Enemy Pie.” I’ve been reading and talking about this story with the kindergarten-2nd grade students. “Enemy Pie” illustrates the need for flexible thinking about people because they just might be different than we expect once we get to know them.

“Keep Your Ear On The Ball,” is a true story that the third and fourth grade students loved reading with me. The characters in the book demonstrated flexibility when a new student who was blind joined their class. They were even able to figure out how to include him in the recess kickball game.

Please notice opportunities to practice flexibility with your child. Awareness of the need for flexibility is the first step to promoting the healthy development of this lifeskill.

Laura Macfarlane, PPSC, MSW

Friendship Counselor – Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays