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Principal’s Message – 10/18/10

Date: October 17, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA families.

Healthy Schools Initiative for San Carlos

This past spring our school district received a Healthy Schools Initiative Grant from the Sequoia Healthcare District. The focus is to implement high quality school wellness programs that coordinate school services in health education, physical education, counseling and support services, and nutrition with family and community. The initiative is just beginning, starting out examining wellness policies, conducting needs assessments, and planning for future programs. The three-year grant also assures that our school nurse, counselors, physical education instructors, and at the middle schools, assistant principals and athletic directors will continue to serve our district.

Wellness Coordinator at Principal’s Coffee: Please Join Us! During the months of October and November, our new District Wellness Coordinator Dr. Lesley Martin is visiting our schools at PTA meetings or principal’s coffees. On Tuesday, October 26, at 8:30 in Brittan Acres’ MUR, she will discuss the initiative and gather parent thoughts and concerns regarding the health and wellness of children at Brittan Acres. I hope many of you will be able to drop in at drop-off for a cup of coffee, and weigh in about your thoughts and hopes for this new initiative in our schools.

Dogs At School? Some of you know that I am a dog lover with two adorable pooches myself. Nonetheless, the answer to the question is still the same as it was last year, and every year at Brittan Acres. Dogs are not allowed on or off leash at Brittan Acres (service dogs excepted). The reasons are just what you’d expect:

1.     Some children are afraid of them, making coming to school potentially frightening.

2.     Doggies have a tendency to relieve themselves during their visits, which is tough on Sergio, José, and myself, not to mention the children who accidentally step into it– or the teachers who discover one of their students did. (No matter how many owners assure me they clean up after their pups, there is weekly evidence that not all do.)

3.     If it should happen, heaven forbid, that one of our children or staff is bitten by a dog, we would find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation.

I love that so many of our families walk to school, and I realize some take their dogs along for the experience. If you bring Fido along at drop-off or pick-up, please stay with him on the sidewalk in front of school, rather than walking him up onto the paths, lawns, and hallways where our children, families, and staff are congregating.

Thank you for your understanding, and for following this school rule.


John Triska