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Principal’s Message – 10/25/10

Date: October 23, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Halloween Celebrations Friday 10/29: Help Keep Bruins Safe and Sane!

I would guess that most, if not all of our BA students know Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. For a school principal, Halloween on Sunday means managing the excitement in two critical weeks: the one leading up to Halloween, and the week following it. I know our children will have positive school experiences if I can obtain your cooperation on a few items:

  1. Please don’t send candy to school as a snack or part of lunch. At school, the sudden bursts of energy from eating candy encourage impulsive behaviors that often lead to negative consequences. After eating candy, children often become lethargic and sleepy, unable to focus and learn. (By the way, very few children have the required self-control to follow through on their promise to eat their lunch first, and save their candy for dessert. You would be shocked to see the number of wholesome lunches that are thrown out as a result.)
  2. Please pay attention to bedtimes and routines. It is easy for families to become swept up in all the excitement of holidays, especially this dramatic one, but teachers will be teaching, with the expectation that children are learning, all week this week and next.
  3. On Friday, please help your children follow BA’s costume rules:

a.   Costumes should not be so frightening that Kindergarteners and first graders will burst into tears and need to be sent home. Older children may need their parents’ help “toning it down for school.”
b.   Props are not allowed. This means devils may not carry tridents, pirates may not carry scabbards, giants may not carry clubs, etc. Toy weapons of any kind—knives, guns, etc. are never allowed at school.
c.    No fake blood is allowed at school. This is mostly for Sergio’s sake, but also to support 3a, above.

Following last week’s ban on Silly Bandz, then adorable doggies at school, and now fake blood on Friday, I realize my popularity ratings with my chief constituency—the children—may dive to new lows. It’s a risk I gladly take to remain true to my commitment to families: to keep BA school experiences meaningful and safe. In all sincerity, I appreciate your support. I’ll look for you at our Halloween Parades: 9:40 for K’s on the Kindergarten Yard, and 1:15 for 1st -4th on the Upper Playground.


John Triska