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Principal’s Message 11/1

Date: October 31, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Data Based Improvement at Brittan Acres

At recent PTA and School Site Council meetings, the teachers and I have been sharing our data based school improvement process. In a nutshell, here is a description of our work at this time of year.

Learning By Collecting Information

In September, as teachers meet their classes and develop routines for learning, they also gather information about their students. They read students’ “Pinks and Blues,” forms filled out by the previous year’s teachers that highlight strengths, needs, and other vital information. They review students’ cumulative records (the “Cum files”), recording data from last year’s assessments, examining portfolio samples of student work, and making notes on data collection sheets that they will later utilize to identify target areas of instruction for each student. Also on these sheets they input information gathered from this year’s work in the classroom, and data from current year assessments.

Identifying Focal Groups

After collecting the data, teachers carefully study it to determine which of their students can be placed into focal groups for targeted instruction. Through the process of grouping and teaching, they continue learning about students. If they need additional assistance, they request a Student Success Team (SST) meeting. At that meeting, the student’s parents, teacher, Mr. Triska, and other BA team members work together to implement interventions assuring the child’s progress.

Grade Level Collaboration

By the end of October, teachers are meeting and collaborating around the needs of their focal students. Looking separately at English/Language Arts and Mathematics, teachers share and compare the targeted needs of their students, taking advantage of each other’s expertise and experience to develop individual goals and classroom strategies that will help students meet them.

A Continual Process

As the year progresses, teachers continue to review student progress, grouping and regrouping students as appropriate for next-step learning.

I’m proud of the work we do here at Brittan Acres to support the individual needs of students. I know I speak for all our staff when I thank you at home, for all the ways you lift up your children and encourage their success at school.


John Triska