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Principal’s Message 11/8/10

Date: November 7, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Parent-Teacher Conference Week: November 15-19

Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for the week of November 15. The whole week is a minimum day schedule: 8:25-12:25.

To assure clear communication and a focused meeting, unless your child’s teacher has specified otherwise, I ask that you plan to attend your conference without your children. The following article offers some thoughtful suggestions to help you plan for your meeting.


John Triska

Successful Conferences: Tips From The Parent Institute

A school conference is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to learn more about students. You can both use the time to share important information to help your child succeed in school. Parents and teachers agree that the key to a successful conference is two-way communication. By exchanging information, parents and teachers can set the stage for a great school year.

Before you attend the conference, spend a few minutes talking with your child. Tell him/her that you need help preparing for the conference. You might:

  • Ask what he/she would like you to talk about to the teacher.
  • Ask what he/she thinks the teacher will say.
  • Let him/her know that after the conference, you will discuss what the teacher said about them.

Prepare some questions in advance. Jot down the questions you most want answered. Some suggestions are:

  • What is being covered in this grade this year?
  • What are your expectations for homework and has my child missed any assignments?
  • How are my child’s work habits? Does he/she use time well?
  • Is my child in different groups for different subjects? Why?
  • Does my child get along with others?
  • Does my child cooperate in class and follow directions?
  • What can I do at home to help my child be more successful in school?

It is helpful to share with the teacher relative information that might be affecting your child’s school experience, for example: favorite subjects, outside interests and hobbies, any medical or health needs, or things happening at home that may affect school work—moving, divorce, or the birth of a sibling.

At the conference, be sure to keep an open mind. Remember that both you and the teacher want to help your child succeed. Your goal is to work for cooperation between you and the teacher.

  • Be sure to ask to see your child’s work—there is no better way to see how your child is progressing.
  • Ask the teacher to explain anything you don’t understand. Every profession has its own jargon, which can be hard to understand.
  • Ask for the best way to contact the teacher. Email? Phone?

Your child’s teacher has been working hard to prepare for this conference with you; and parents will find the conference to be a much more positive experience if they too go in feeling prepared.

The Parent Institute