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Principal’s Message 11/15/10

Date: November 14, 2010 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

BA Pick-Up Becoming Dangerous: Change of Behavior Required!

BA families, I need your help. Please read this message and share it with BA friends, neighbors, childcare providers, and extended family members who pick up at our school.

Last Wednesday, the following email was sent to the San Carlos Police Department by a neighbor who is obviously concerned about the safety of our children:

“Someone is going to get hit in front of that school.  I just came up Belle Ave and kids and parents were darting out in front of cars, not using crosswalks to cross the street and parking anyplace they wanted.  To say the least it was a mess, although I was carefully looking for children and parents that I might run over. Parents park anyplace they want, open doors, and let the kids run.  Parents and kids cross the street anytime they like.  They may or may not be in a cross walk, and seldom look before crossing.”

  1. Our police department has offered to meet with me and work on the pick-up situation at our school. I will let you know what solutions we come up with together, and will undoubtedly ask for your further support after our meeting.
  1. We are all aware that pick-up on Wednesday afternoons is our most trying time, but many of the behaviors described in the email above occur daily.
  1. The following changes of behavior are required in order to ensure the safety of our families at pick-up time:
    • Walkers must cross only at crosswalks on both ends of the street.
    • Drivers may pick up children only along the curb—you may not double park and ask children to walk between curbside cars to come out into the street to you.
    • Never park across the street and ask children to cross to you.
    • Do not make a U-turn after picking up. Continue up the street and turn at the corner.
    • Don’t leave your car in the pick up line. It causes others to make wide turns to get around your car, stopping on-coming traffic.

I’m certain we can make pick-up safer at BA, if we can get these simple rules out to all our drivers. Please take a moment to think about the drivers you know, and reach out to them with a phone call, an email, or a sidewalk chat. “Did you see Mr. Triska’s message about pick up? Here are the rules he’s asking us all to follow, for the safety of our kids. Can you pass this message on to drivers you know?”

In advance, thank you for helping us improve our safety at BA.


John Triska