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Principal’s Message 1/18

Date: January 18, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Uncategorized

Hello BA families.

BA’s School Site Council
Brittan Acres’ School Site Council is a leadership team comprised of school staff and elected community members working together to guide the direction of our school. Over the course of each year, the team analyzes achievement data, reviews the effectiveness of on-going strategies and programs, and works with the BA teaching staff to set goals and make plans to support the achievement of all our students in the upcoming year. The group also serves in a number of related ways, including advising the Superintendent and the Board on BA facilities and capacity, developing site budget priorities, and providing input on district policies and planning. With an annually renewed commitment to continual improvement, the work of the School Site Council is truly “a never-ending job.”

This year, our ten-member team is made up of five parents (Bill Biggers, Jane Grodem, Julia Horak, Bill Sharratt, and Danielle Sunshine) and five school personnel (Mary Kirby, Christie Lee, Lyn Reiley, Miriam Seigel-Stern, and myself). We meet at 3:00 on third Tuesdays each month in the BA office Conference Room. Meetings are open to the community, and there is time set aside at the beginning of each meeting for public comment.

Dr. Baker to Visit BA’s School Site Council Re. District Budget
As part of his intention to communicate broadly with the San Carlos School District community, Dr. Baker is visiting Site Councils and PTAs in January and February to be sure families are well informed about the state of the district’s finances, the California budget situation, and ways we can participate to support our schools. I invite all readers to attend a special School Site Council meeting at 3:00 Tuesday, February 15 at which Dr. Baker will share information and solicit our input. To make sure we all fit, we will convene on the MU stage—please enter through the back door in the amphitheater.

Reminder: 6:30 Wednesday Family Math Game Night
I hope to see you here in the MU with us! Here’s a math strategy to try: + 1. If your family is planning to attend, see if you can convince one more family to come along.

Best wishes,

John Triska