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Principal’s Message 1/31/11

Date: January 30, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Much Improved: Thank you!

I want to thank you for a much improved, safer situation in front of our school at the start and end of school each day. Drivers are remaining in line and pulling up as it becomes possible. Parents who walk are keeping their children safe around the moving vehicles.

Here are the dangerous behaviors we still must extinguish, for safety’s sake:

Dangerous Behavior Solution
  • U-turns at drop-off and pick-up
Turn at the corner of Belle and Tamarack.
  • Crossing the street between moving vehicles
Use the crosswalks at both ends of Belle.
  • Blocking the crosswalks with vehicles
Wait to advance from Cordilleras until a cueing spot is available; take turns

New Safe Routes to School Committee to Support San Carlos Families

A new committee has been formed to increase the safety and well being of our students and families going to and from all our schools. Preliminary goals of the group include “the Four E’s: Education, Encouragement, Engineering, and Enforcement.”

Membership includes SCSD administrators (including Dr. Baker, Dr. Martin, and myself), Board Member Carrie Du Bois, San Carlos City Engineer Robert Weil, Police Officers (including Officer Craig McCarty), and members of the community (including BA PTA’s Walk to School Coordinator, Jan Benway). Our School Site Council has already been discussing our traffic concerns, and will continue to provide feedback to the larger committee regarding BA’s issues and concerns.

Structural Changes Coming

Here at BA we have been working with the city engineer and police to improve structural supports for safety. Coming soon are double yellow lines painted down the center of Belle to reinforce the single lanes in each direction, and to make more obvious illegal u-turns and double parking. Also to improve communication, the bus curb will be painted orange, and the corner of Cordilleras and Belle will be repainted to make stopping in the crosswalks more obviously illegal. Signage will also be slightly modified.

Finally, please expect to see increased police presence district wide and at BA during drop off and pick up times, as we work together to keep our children and families safe near our schools. Thank you for your ongoing support!


John Triska