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Principal’s Message 3/7

Date: March 6, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Congratulations Mrs. Eitel: San Mateo County Classified School Office Employee of 2011!

There can’t be a school secretary in the universe more deserving of an award like this, than our own Cathy Eitel.

In so many ways, Mrs. Eitel is central to our mission at BA. She is truly an outstanding school secretary. Cathy is knowledgeable, service-oriented, and professional in every way. She makes possible the successful day-to-day business of the school with her always-positive outlook and sense of humor.  Cathy maintains important, supportive relationships with students, families, and staff. She pushes forward our school’s agenda to continually improve. Cathy is at the center of all our work, providing insight, perspective, and oversight—and making possible the notably functional operation of our school.

Did you know that before she was our school secretary, Cathy was a Brittan Acres PTA classroom volunteer, PTA Treasurer, and received our PTA’s Honorary Service Award? Later, as our school secretary, she was honored with the PTA’s Continuing Service Award.

Cathy is the calm in the center of our storm. Consistently cheerful, she simultaneously answers the phone, helps parents fill out forms, and bandages booboos. She is the “den mother” of our community—staff, parents, and past students constantly stop in to share their lives with her and ask her advice.

Through many administrations at our site and district, Cathy has served as the liaison for the continuing culture of excellence at Brittan Acres. She has made possible the smooth transition between leadership personnel. When I arrived here during the summer recess three years ago, Cathy had the coffee on, and met me at my car to help me carry in my things. To this day, she makes it her business to support and praise my work with children and families—which in so many ways, she herself makes possible.

I know you’ll join me when I say for all of us: “THANK YOU” and “CONGRATULATIONS” Mrs. Eitel!


John Triska