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Principal’s Message 3/21

Date: March 20, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA families.

Last Tuesday was March 15, the date by which certificated teachers must be notified if there is a chance they may not be rehired in the following school year. As expected, due to losses in revenues and uncertain budgets ahead, more than 19,000 teachers in California received pink slips to allow their districts flexibility to balance their budgets. In San Francisco and Oakland alone, more than 1,000 teachers received notice.

Should these preliminary notices become permanent, balanced district budgets will come at great cost to children and families.  As classrooms swell with more and more students, teachers will be greatly challenged to maintain meaningful teaching relationships with their individual students.

Here in San Carlos, the School Board and administration have worked hard to mitigate anticipated reduced revenues and keep class sizes workable. As I write this, countless volunteers are gathering contributions to meet new SCEF fundraising goals. Our PTAs continue to work tirelessly to support our children’s school experiences. Nonetheless, unfortunately, a limited number of our district’s teachers did receive preliminary notice that their services may be reduced or eliminated next year.

At Brittan Acres, the day passed quietly. Many of you asked about our staff; I appreciate your concern for our teachers and students. I’m glad to report that for the first time in three years, none of our classroom teachers received notice. Next year we anticipate having the same number of classrooms and teachers at BA.

Once again, thank you for all the ways you support your children, our staff, and our schools. It is inspiring to be with you as we rise together to meet the challenges ahead.


John Triska