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Friendship Corner with Laura Macfarlane

Date: March 27, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Tips

“Problem-solving” is our lifeskill focus this month at Brittan Acres–to create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems. Our students are learning the six problem-solving steps listed below. Look for opportunities to help your child practice these steps when daily problems arise. If you’re interested in reading more about how these problem solving steps can be used in your family, check out Mind In the Making: The Seven Essential Lifeskills Every Child Needs, pp. 245-247.

Problem Solving Steps

1. Identify the problem or issue. The problem is _____________________.

2. Decide on a goal.

3. Come up with 2-3 *solutions.

4. Consider how the solutions might work.

5. Pick a solution to try.

6. Evaluate the outcome? Did the solution work? Do you need to try something else?

*You can only change yourself. You cannot make someone else change.

Adapted from Mind in the Making: Seven Essential Lifeskills Every Child Needs pp. 245-247 by Ellen Galinsky.