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Principal’s Message 4/4

Date: April 3, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA families.

Drive Less, Enjoy More
Wednesday is the start of San Carlos Green’s Drive Less Challenge. I hope all of you are able to participate in some way. Walking, riding, and scooting to school are great ways to build in exercise on the way to and from school, and may provide opportunities for important conversations between children and their parents. We can’t predict which of these seemingly mundane dialogues will be somehow significant and make a difference in the lives of our children. Parents of scooting and biking children: please remember helmets!

Carpooling with neighbors is another practical way to drive less overall and also support a reduction of neighborhood congestion. Working together with other families can build positive ties that may prove useful and satisfying well into the future.

Safe Routes To School
We have seen excellent progress in the safety of our drop off and pick up at Brittan Acres this year. I’m proud of you! Thank you to all the families who have made time to get your children to school walking, riding, and carpooling. Drivers: thank you for slowing down, remaining in your vehicles as you pull up, and using caution as you pull back into traffic.

Rules to Live By
I’m sure you’ve noticed the police working with us to warn and ticket drivers who break our rules. I’m sorry if you are one of the few who misunderstood, so here they are again for good measure:
• No leaving vehicles in the pick-up lane—keep pulling forward
• No crossing the double yellow line to park facing traffic, or to make u-turns
• No beckoning children to cross the street to your vehicle
• No stopping in the street next to vehicles in the pick-up lane to have your child step between the pick-up lane vehicles to get into your car
• No stopping along the red curb in front of the flag pole: this is the bus stop
• No stopping in the middle of a cross walk
• No stopping or parking across our neighbors’ driveways

Walkers, you can help greatly by:
• Waiting at the crosswalk until it is safe to cross
• Bunching up with other families before crossing, to allow vehicles a chance to turn onto Belle from Cordilleras
• Keeping track of your little ones so they are not toddling along close to the moving vehicles in the pick-up lane

St. Charles/Brittan Acres Walk and Talk: Please Join Us Tuesday, May 10
In a subgroup of the San Carlos Safe Routes to School Committee, I have been working with St. Charles Principal Maureen Grazioli and San Carlos City Engineer Robert Weil to improve traffic safety as it relates to our mutual concerns. I hope some of you will join us Tuesday, May 10 as we walk the neighborhood and discuss concerns and strategies to improve traffic safety for the two schools.

The meeting will include representation from the city, the police, the two schools, and parents. We will meet at the BA flagpole at 6:00 for the walk, and in the MUR at 7:00 for the discussion. You are invited to attend one or the other, or both!

Again, nice work, and thank you all for your efforts to improve our safety getting children to and from school. If you have more good ideas, don’t hesitate to share them!

John Triska