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Friendship Corner with Laura Macfarlane

Date: May 8, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Parent Updates

During May and early June, B.A. provides a Program called Transitions for all 4th grade students. The purpose of Transitions is to serve as a bridge between elementary and middle school for our 4th graders and their families.

Beginning this week, I will meet four times with each classroom of 4th graders to focus on a specific skill, important for a successful transition to middle school. During our first lesson together, the students are encouraged to express “What’s on their mind” about middle school.  Each student will have a folder of information about middle school and to use as we work together to answer all of the questions the students ask.

If your child is a student in Room 20 or 23, their lessons will be on Mondays. Room18 and 24 will meet with me on Fridays. You might ask your child to share one or two things that they learned about middle school after their transitions lesson this week.

Our second transitions lesson titled “A day in the life of a middle school student” features a visit from and discussion with Julie Jobak, Central Middle School (CMS) counselor. During this lesson, students learn about the bell schedule, A & B days, picking electives, how to get to their next class in three minutes, as well as expected behavior for a fifth grader and where to go for help and support at Central.

If your child will attend a school other than CMS, please have them let me know and I will do my best to provide specific information about that school. However, most of what they learn during the transitions lessons is relevant to any school they will attend next year.

Stay tuned for what’s coming up in lesson 3 and 4.

Laura Macfarlane, PPSC, MSW