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Date: August 28, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Parent Updates, Tips

I’m more than thrilled to join you as BA’s Friendship Counselor!  I’ve worked in the School Counseling field for over 16 years in Vermont and here in California. In Vermont I primarily worked at the elementary school level. Once I moved to California I found counseling at the elementary level a rarity. I’m so impressed with the San Carlos School District for recognizing that K-4 friendship counseling is the best preventative tool we can use to help our children grow into happy, secure citizens. We know the best learning happens when we are feeling happy and secure.

I look forward to being in each of your children’s classrooms teaching our Lifeskills program this year.  Our Lifeskill for September is Friendship. Belonging is one of most powerful human needs we have. We want to make sure all the children at BA have the skills to make and keep friends.

I will also be doing a special 5-week program with our K, K/1, and 1st graders. Our topics are:

  • Interrupting- I can wait
  • Personal Space- Keeping my hands and feet to myself
  • Making Friends- We can all get along
  • Recess skills- Talk it out
  • Tattling vs. Telling- How to know the difference

I’ll be on the BA campus Mondays, Fridays and alternating Wednesdays.  My San Carlos email account is being set up… in the meantime you can reach me at

I look forward to working with all your children this year.

Karin Bloom MS PPSC

School Friendship Counselor