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Principal’s Message

Date: September 5, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello Brittan Acres Community.

Thank You!
Last week’s Back To School Night was a great success. For the first time in years, the MUR was filled to capacity with parents attending the Principal’s Welcome and Introductions. What fun to walk in accompanied by that motivating music video from last year’s Walk-a-Jog, staring so many of our current and former students! The classroom presentations were lively and informative, and I enjoyed observing your growing relationships with your children’s teachers.

Our Current Classroom Work
This is the time of year when your children’s teachers instill and reinforce routines that will enable the successful learning that is the goal in every classroom. It is also the time that teachers gather data about children’s prior knowledge, through in-class assessments in reading, writing, and math, and by reviewing last year’s assessments—in order to take them to their next learning steps without leaving gaps in between.

Perhaps most importantly at this time, the teachers are beginning to make individual connections with their pupils, knowing that ultimately it is the teacher-student relationship that has the greatest potential to impact a child’s learning and growing throughout the year, and beyond.

Your Work At Home
Please know we recognize the significant role parents play in supporting their children’s successful school experiences. Your thoughtful listening and perspective can help relieve anxieties they may be feeling as a result of new expectations and challenges. Children count on their parents for guidance, and as their mentors, you are in a unique position to coach them in the life skills of flexibility, effort, and perseverance. Of course, the biggest impact you will have on the way your children think and behave results from the thinking and behavior you model—so take a deep breath, model patience and attention, and enjoy these teaching moments.

If you have questions or concerns about anything relating to the classroom, please do contact your children’s teachers with an email or phone call, and they will get back to you. Clear, open communication between parents and teachers is in the best interests of your children, and will significantly improve their school experiences.

Best wishes!

John Triska