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Principal’s Message

Date: September 25, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA Community.

Hearty thanks to Kelly Rubingh and team for Friday night’s fabulous, well-attended Spaghetti Bingo Night! Also to Mike Lyzun, Marina Velichko and the many families who turned out Sunday to beautify and improve our campus. All of us appreciate your efforts!

Safe Routes Continued . . .
We are preparing to train our BA Crossing Guard volunteers—let me know with an email if you’d like to join us. Meanwhile, CMS Principal Steve Kaufman sent this message to his community Friday:

“As many of you have heard there was an incident with one of our CMS 6th grade students being hit by a car on Arroyo. We are so happy to report that the student was not seriously injured. In fact, she was treated at the scene, and is back in school today. This scary situation reminds us how important it is that we all refocus on safety for all our students and families.

We ask that you talk with your children about how to be safe when walking to and from school, especially when crossing the road. Please also discuss safety with regards to riding skateboards, scooters, and bikes. And, finally, please, please, please do not allow your child to ride without a helmet!

I will add that the student was not in a crosswalk. Here at BA, our pick-up and drop-off traffic is very unpredictable. Please, all adults and children: cross at the crosswalks at Cordilleras and Tamarack, not in front of the school.

Shanghai Principals to Arrive Sunday
Last spring I shared that CMS and BA will be hosting two elementary school principals visiting from Shanghai, China, as part of a California School Board Association/Shanghai Municipal Education Commission exchange program. Ms. Qunli Xu and Ms. Juan Li arrive Sunday, October 2 and will visit with us until November 8. A team of families has organized to host them in their homes and on weekend excursions, so you will no doubt see the two around town and in our neighborhoods, as well as here at school. Please introduce yourselves and welcome them, when you see them!

John Triska