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Date: October 9, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Fall has finally arrived. Two sure signs: the weather turned cool and rainy, and then warm again, and last weekend I met a BA family out shopping for their kindergartner’s Halloween costume. Here is all you need to know about BA’s upcoming Halloween festivities:

New: No School Monday, October 31
This year, children do not attend school on Monday, October 31. This is not because Halloween has been elevated to the stature of a national holiday—although the children may believe otherwise. It is because our school district is using this day to address our teachers’ professional development in a number of areas. In the past, it was common practice for California school districts to imbed professional development days in the school year, and I’m happy to once again see time being set aside during the year to support teachers’ growth as educators here in San Carlos.

New: Halloween Parade First Thing on Friday, October 28
In order to allow as many families as possible to see their K-4th graders parading in costumes, this year we will hold one all-school parade right after drop-off on Friday, October 28. If you are able to enjoy it with us, please:

  • Park away from Belle Ave—we will still have a drop-off line pulling up and dropping off that morning—and walk to the BA campus.
  • If you are entering a pumpkin in the Pumpkin Decorating Contest, please drop it off in the MUR by 8:20.
  • Accompany your child to class at 8:25.
  • Walk up to the upper playground and GET READY for 8:40-9:00 parade—the classes will be up right after attendance is taken.
  • School will return to pseudo-normal by 9:05, and you are off to enjoy your day! Thank you for having been here to enjoy the parade with us.
  • Stay tuned: between now and then, your children’s individual classroom teachers will let you know if they have plans for further celebrations at the end of the day.

Not new: Costume Rules for BA
Please remember that we have students as young as 5, and siblings much younger will be attending our parade. We ask that costumes be chosen with that in mind, including:

  • No weapons ever at school: toy guns, knives, swords, spears, clubs, etc. are not allowed
  • Please, no dripping gore—consider Sergio, our beloved, hardworking custodian

Also not new: Candy Banned from BA
Each year I remind—alright, I implore families– to please keep Halloween candy at home in the days leading up to, and following, Halloween. The intense rush and sudden drop of energy associated with highly sweetened, non-nutritious foods is not helpful to teachers doing their best to focus children’s attention on academic and social learning. We thank you in advance for your understanding, and for your support of sanity here at school.


Update on Our Educational and Cultural Exchange

Meanwhile, I’m trying to explain Halloween to our two visiting Shanghai Principals Jenny Li and Lily Xu. Our enthusiastic children should help get the idea across in the next few weeks. The learning curve is steep, with so many new ideas and practices to comprehend during this first trip to the western world. To be fair, I’m also learning from them, as the interesting questions they ask force me to consider my work with new perspective. I hope you also take advantage of this opportunity to exchange ideas with our guests during their 5-week visit to BA and CMS.

Best wishes,
John Triska