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Principal’s Message

Date: October 31, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA Community.

Thanks to all for your participation in our first annual All-School Halloween Parade Friday morning. The children were delighted you were there to cheer them on, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate our success so far this year. I apologize for the squirrel problem. We’ve come such a long way this year, and we were certain we had them beaten. I promise to do my best to keep that big rascal away from our proceedings in the future.

Monday’s Professional Development
Yesterday our teachers worked in three areas:

  1. To increase student engagement and participation through specific strategies for delivery of mathematics instruction
  2. To compare pilot mathematics materials and outcomes with those expected in the newly adopted Common Core Standards
  3. K and K/1 teachers also learned about the district’s required new “Transitional Kindergarten” program for Kindergarteners turning 5 between:
    1. November 2 and December 2 in 2012-13
    2. October 2 and December 2 in 2013-14
    3. September 2 and December 2 in 2014-15 and thereafter

BA School Site Council Outreach
At last month’s SSC meeting, our elected community members expressed a desire to communicate better with their constituency. They asked that I publish their email addresses in this Blast, and ask that parents and community with questions or feedback re. school issues or concerns please contact them. Here are our community members and emails:

Name                           Term               Email address                         

Bill Biggers                  2010-12 

George Ellard              2011-13 

Jane Grodem               2010-12 

Lisa Miller                    2011-13 

Danielle Sunshine        2010-11 

Best wishes,
John Triska