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Principal’s Message

Date: December 18, 2011 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA Community.

In her wonderful book, Raising Happiness, Christine Carter writes about the importance of being in the moment with our children, so that they can create the secure attachments necessary to develop into socially skilled individuals.

As I read that last night, my cell phone buzzed and I stopped to respond to a text message. I took that opportunity to review my calendar, and remembered an email I’d wanted to send. After that, since I had the phone in my hand, I checked the weather for tomorrow, and then decided to call my mother to be sure we had our dates straight for the weekend. Then I put my phone down, and found my place in the book again. I had to reread the last few paragraphs to remember the thoughts I’d been pondering before my phone buzzed.

I feel fortunate to have raised my children before the age of modern cell phones and all the distractions that accompany them. But I do have a 13-month old granddaughter. I’ve grown hyper-conscious of what she is thinking when I pull out my phone to interact with someone or something completely out of our shared moment together.

Being Present
I recently made a pact with myself to set my phone on the counter when I’m with her. I no longer jump when my phone buzzes, and I consciously resist impulses to look ahead to upcoming meetings or scan my email. The world will continue spinning on its axis, even if I wait until Trinity is asleep in her crib before I make those notes for tomorrow. The present moment is all she and I have for certain, and I don’t want either of us to miss it.

I wish you as many fully present moments as you can fit into your lives in these coming weeks away from school. Consider them gifts to yourselves, to your children, and to all the people in your lives.

John Triska