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Principal’s Message

Date: June 10, 2012 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA Community.

Three New School Site Council Members
First off, please join 2011-12 SSC Chair Lisa Miller and me in thanking outgoing community members Jane Grodem, Danielle Sunshine, and Marianne Jett. We are grateful for their terms of leadership and involvement in the oversight and direction of our school.

Second, thank you to all the candidates who stepped forward to appear on the ballot. All five received many, many votes, and it is clear our community appreciates their offer of service.

Third, please join me in congratulating our three newly elected community members on our school site council for 2012-2014: Marianne Jett, Teri Shugart, and Jim Bae. We look forward to working with you for the continual improvement of BA!

Summertime, Farewell
To outgoing BA families, thank you for the ways you’ve left your mark on this place. When I was in Hangzhou, a principal told me, “Yes, the building and the facilities are modern and new, but that is not what makes a school great. It is the people who make a learning community.” That is as true here at BA as anywhere else. When I share this school with others, I always talk about our families. We will miss you, so please be in touch.

My wish for our community this summer is that all of us can carve away some moments when time stops, and we enjoy being in the present with our friends and families. I had a wonderful high school coach who had us prepare for games by lying on our backs and staring silently at the sky. We were to think about the miracle of our existence—in this unique moment that had never occurred and would never happen again. Just before we poured out onto the field, he’d bring us together in a huddle and whisper, “What a great day to be alive!” The older I get, the more often I realize every day is a gift and an opportunity to do something great.

Best wishes,
John Triska