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Association Meeting Minutes — Read the minutes of the 9-12-12 association meeting

Date: October 11, 2012 Author: admin Categories: PTA

Brittan Acres PTA Meeting Minutes — Approved
September 12, 2012
7:00 PM – Staff Room

1. Call to Order – Sara called meeting to order 7:00 pm.

The following were present: Sara Mancini, Quynh Tran, Cynthia Wiggin, Kathy McGrath, Dawn Crew, John Triska, Genevieve Banet, Janice Moyer, Mary Kirby, Martha McDaniels, Rachel DeBrier, Megan Miller, JR Bae, Julie Juergens, Sara Mancini, Marianne Jett.
(Kristin Wu arrived during the meeting.)

2. Approval of the Minutes from May 30, 2012
JR moved. Rachel seconded. The motion was adopted.

3. WAJ Update – Kim Kelly

WAJ is a big fundraising event; it will be on October 21, from 10 to 3. This is the 25th anniversary. Dawn Crew is coordinating the sponsorship with one of two orthodontists. The top tier spot is open.

Road Runner Sports at 1125 Industrial Road, San Carlos, is supporting with donating $2 per person who walks through the door on Sunday October 14th. Registration bags can be picked up early at Nothing Bundt Cake on Thursday October 18th. WAJ team is giving free t-shirts to the team, and lunch is free for teachers.

BBQ – The Bairds are doing the BBQ and need support on all levels. Please send email to Kim with comments or suggestions.

Students should only work with their parents’ direct supervision.

4. Measure H Update – Angie Namenuk (from White Oaks) (tabled until Angie arrives)

5. President’s Report.

a. Bylaws are approved at the PTA District level and need to be approved by the Association.
Megan Miller moved to approve the bylaws as presented. John seconded. The motion is adopted. Quynh signed; a copy will go to JR.

b. PTAC meeting — Julie Juergens.
There is an online survey regarding walking to school from San Mateo County. There is grant money for the schools that fill out the survey. Julie is concerned that the survey is not advancing our agenda. Our agenda is to make it safe for kids to walk to school rather than the number of families who walk.

c. Fundraising. We need to provide our list of fundraising activities to the SCSD. Fundraising of the PTA should be kept within $100,000 of the MOU.

d. Sara & Julie want to talk about goals involving 5 areas:

1. Fostering culture of transparency, communication & feedback.

2. Traffic Safety.

3. Shade Structure.

4. Student Enrichment.

5. Continuation of parent education.

6. Principal’s & Teachers’ Report.

a. Mary Kirby put out safety patrol squads of 4th graders. Great work.
b. Allison Rak made traffic signs — very helpful colorful reminders.
c. The BA pre-school is opened, but it is not part of BA. The process was smooth, and parents love the pre-school. John has not noticed traffic impact.
d. Cynthia is doing great with getting volunteers to work on projects.
e. Strategic Planning. The Board will blend information and put together a draft which will including discussion about our new facilities, strategies, design, and implementation.
f. Teachers are analyzing STAR results. John is looking at areas that kids need support.
g. There will be a table/area in the amphitheater that are nut free. Information will go to parents of kids with allergies. John will mark the area when he has more information about how many kids will participate in it.

7. Financial Reports – Kathy McGrath.

Kathy passed out 7 pages of financial info. Account Balances were reviewed. Julie moved to approve the account balance details and check details. Martha seconded. The motion was adopted.

Although the budget was approved, there are minor changes and the changes need to be approved. Sara moved to approve adding $300 for staff appreciation. Cynthia seconded. The motion was adopted.

The other change to the budget is the increase in the holiday store budget. The motion was to approve of $4,500 for holiday store expenses, with a “hoped for” goal of $1,000 in net profit, which means a total of $5,500 as gross revenue. John moved. Julie seconded. The motion was adopted.

Sara suggests that BA needs a new accountant to do our return and will look into this.

Membership Report – Kathy reports for Wendy Kelly.
The current participating is 40% of the families are members of PTA.
Spaghetti Bingo night is a social event though we can have a table there. We should also have the Banner at the Kindergarten gate. Having PTA membership card was a great idea.

8. Measure H Update – Angie Namenuk (from White Oaks) presented.

This is a Prop 39 bond, which is different from parcel tax. Requires 55% majority; must be on November election; can only be used for facility upgrades; no senior exemption. $30 per $100,000 assessment.

There was a lot of discussion about Measure H. Angie is looking for support from BA PTA. We have put in a line item in our budget for $999, the maximum amount that the PTA can give. Motion to support Measure H, with an endorsement by BA PTA.
Megan moved. Julie seconded. The motion was adopted.

Motion to provide financial support to Measure H campaign in the amount of $999.
Kristin moved. Kathy seconded. The motion was adopted.

9. Committee Reports

Communications – Kristin Wu.
How to submit to the Blast – Committees should get materials in by Wednesday for publication the following Monday.

The following activities are planned: Sat Dec. 1st Holiday; eSCRIP — we need to increase participation; box tops; BA Spirit Wear (starts in September).

SCEF – Rachel de Brier.
SCEF exceeded our goal last year. SCEF’s goal this year is $2.2 million. SCEF will be fundraising depending on the tax election results and may need to adjust to a higher goal.

The ambassador’s role is changed so there will not be direct communications from the ambassador to the classroom parents. There will be a BA newsletter about specific SCEF funded programs at the school to inform parents about where their dollars are being spent.

Student Services. There was a long discussion about how to enrich current programs.

Ice Cream Social Committee – Lisa Romero. The social went well.

Staff Breakfast Committee – Sara Mancini. The breakfast went well.

Volunteer Fair/Welcome. The event went well. There were fewer volunteer sign ups this year. There was a detailed discussion about volunteerism and succession planning and the need to involve more K parents. We need to reach out and provide more explanation on commitment level for different volunteer activities.

10. Correspondence Review – Martha McDaniels.

a. 23 people received thanks, including Bill Cotter.
b. Cynthia thanked everyone who moved tanned bark.
c. Crossing guards – thanks to Paula Moffit who is coordinating this project..
d. Hot lunch volunteers — we still need a couple volunteers.

11. Upcoming Events.

a. Spaghetti Night 9/21.
b. Clean Up Day 9/30.
c. Summer Reading Program BBQ – 9/28.
d. WAJ – we need to identify volunteers for 3-5 hours.

12. Meeting adjourned 9:06 PM.