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Principal’s Message 4/29/13

Date: April 29, 2013 Author: kristin Categories: Parent Updates, Principals Message

Beautified BA: Thank you!
Each fall and spring, parents and children volunteer a half-day to clean up and beautify our campus. Sunday 4/21 many families turned out and transformed BA once again. Please join me in thanking all the folks that pitched in, especially Clean-up Leads Mike Lyzun and Marina Velichko, and BUGS Leads Kristin Hendricks and Marni Rubin. The Clean-Up team is looking for a “Shadow” for this position next year, to take the lead in 2014-15; please let me know if this could be you! And I’ve been asked to remind you that no one need wait until a clean-up date to water a plant or pull a weed—if you see something that needs doing, by all means, lend a hand, thanks!

STAR Testing This Week and Next
SCSD children do very well on these assessments. Teachers work hard to teach, children work hard to learn, and parents do their part by being involved in their children’s lives in ways that support their well being, academic learning, and social and emotional progress. Thank you for your part in that.

Please realize at Brittan Acres, our students’ education is quite a bit broader than the narrow band of learning tested and reported through STAR. The tests are intended to measure reading, writing, and math skills only– while students at BA spend considerable time learning science, history, life skills, art, physical education, and music. Rarely during their K-4 years do children sit silently at desks for sustained periods of time, reading test questions and filling in bubbles. Instead, most student activity at Brittan Acres includes working in groups, listening and talking, collaborating to solve problems, and sharing ideas through a variety of modalities.

We will begin the actual testing Tuesday. The tests are untimed, but most students will test between 60-90 minutes each day. The rest of the day will consist of school as they know it. If you are interested in looking at released STAR test questions, they are available at

Best wishes,
John Triska