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Principal’s Message 8/25/14

Date: August 25, 2014 Author: admin Categories: News, Principals Message, School News

Hello BA families.

Welcome to another wonderful year of learning and growing at Brittan Acres!

Let me begin by thanking so many of you for your words of encouragement and support following our late posting of class lists. Despite all the work our teachers and staff put into planning for this year in June, last minute changes did in fact cause me to reassign teachers and do my best to reconfigure classrooms. My goal was to obtain the best potential for communities of learners at our school this year. While all of these changes were made with thought and consideration, I am nonetheless fully aware that some families were surprised by their students’  placements, and for some this has caused anxiety and concern. If you are one of these families, I ask that you please wait until we’ve been in school for at least 2 weeks before requesting an appointment to speak with me about your child’s placement. I truly believe parents and children will be happy with their teachers  and classmates by then — once classes have had time to begin developing into “classroom families.”

I will share more about the exciting year ahead of us at Brittan Acres at our Back to School Night this Thursday, August 28. Please plan to attend. BTSN is for parents only — and at that time teachers will share with you their plans for teaching and learning, expectations for their students, classroom routines, and the essential role you will play as parents and teachers at home. Here is the schedule:

*5:00-6:00 Classrooms: Kindergartens, K/1s, and 1st Grades

*5:30-6:00 Rms. 8, 20 Learning Centers; Rm. 12 RSP, Speech, Literacy, OT

*6:00-6:30 Multi-Use Room: Principal’s Welcome, PTA’s Hello, and SCEF’s Greetings

*6:30-7:30 Classrooms: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades

Finally, I thank all of you in advance for helping your children navigate their first few days of school. You are in a unique and important position to support your children’s optimistic mindsets for a successful beginning, and I am grateful for our partnership.

Let the adventure begin!


John Triska