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Principal’s Message 10/27/14

Date: October 27, 2014 Author: admin Categories: Principals Message

Hello BA families.

With our kids’ favorite “national holiday” Friday, here is the BA scoop:

1. 8:40-9:00 Halloween Parade on the upper playground. This means kids can arrive dressed and ready to go for their big appearance. Rules of participation:

  • Remember, we are a primary elementary school. Children should not arrive in costumes that will terrify the little ones. Please save any gruesome details for the evening.
  • Please, no fake blood that can drip or smear on facilities meaning lots of extra cleanup for Mister Sergio.
  • No props please. Weapons or props that could be used as weapons are not allowed at school at any time.
  • You are welcome to escort your children to their classrooms, and then head up to the playground for our arrival.

2. Pick-up safety: Please drive slowly and carefully Friday afternoon. Many parents will leave work early to be home for the events, so expect more cars on the road, and please be patient at Cordilleras and Belle.

Best wishes,

John Triska