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From the BA Counselor – Self-Control Lifeskill Lessons

Date: October 30, 2014 Author: admin Categories: Featured, Friendship Counseling, News

I am enjoying working with your children, and excited to get back into their classrooms again in November/December to give our next Life Skills lesson.  We will be focusing onself control using a book called Zack Apologizes, by William Mulcahy. With Zach as an example, children learn the importance of taking another person’s perspective and delivering a sincere apology using a tool called the “4-Square Apology.” Each square prompts the children about the components of an apology and supports students in planning what they will say: What I did to hurt somebody; How the person felt; What I can do next time; How I’ll make it up to the person.


Children grow in leaps and bounds during the elementary years, not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well.  We continue to support children in using the Talk it Out process, and we will add the “4-Square Apology” to the toolbox of strategies. You may also want to give this method a try at home!


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Kim Arasato