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Principal’s Message 6/1/15

Date: June 8, 2015 Author: admin Categories: Featured, Principals Message

Hello BA families.

As summer break from school nears, many of you are asking how to best support your children’s learning over the summer.

Children’s serendipitous and planned summer experiences build knowledge, spark curiosity, and help them gain confidence. Pleasures like biking and scooting, hiking, visiting the public library, playing in the neighborhood, attending summer camp, and traveling outside of San Carlos all contribute to a greater understanding and sense of wonder. Reading books and discussing them together helps develop language and fosters a love of literacy. The more relaxed summer schedule is a great opportunity for children to develop independence and confidence learning new skills like tying shoes, cooking for the family, and contributing to family chores.

If you are seeking tools to boost or maintain academic skills, these online resources may be motivating. I wish you a wonderful summer full of new memories and ample time with your family!


John Triska