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October 2015 BUGS Update

Date: September 22, 2015 Author: Michelle Marchena Curtis Categories: Uncategorized

BUGS OctoberSeptember in BUGS

Kindergartners and K/1’s will learn what plants need to grow and explore the natural parts of our schoolyard with their five senses.

First Graders will learn how crickets use vibration to communicate. They will see sound waves on an oscilloscope and make their own buzzing instruments to test the principle.

Second Graders will learn about the concept of biodiversity and why diversity in ecosystems, species, and genetics keeps systems strong and adaptable.

Third Graders will learn the technique of square foot gardening and discover why it is important that plants have room to grow.

Fourth Graders will make a compost cake and explore a carbon cycle trail in the native plants garden to learn how elements are recycled through Earth’s systems.

Special Thanks to the Fall Clean Up day volunteers who helped clear brush and set up our outdoor classroom space in the Native Plants Garden.