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Brittan Acres: A Special Place

Date: October 21, 2015 Author: admin Categories: Featured

Families with children in our school know Brittan Acres is a special place. Here are just some of the ways BA makes the grade:

  • Brittan Acres has a beautiful campus with a functional layout. Staff, volunteers, teachers, and students regularly upgrade and maintain the grounds.
  • Our families are true partners in their children’s education. They take interest, and are active in the goings-on of our school. BA’s PTA is outstanding. Its members fund and maintain enriching programs like Better Understanding Garden Science (BUGS), Art in Action, and MultiCultural activities, to name just a few. They coordinate parent involvement in the school, and help improve our facilities, afford supplies, and work thoughtfully to support the work of classroom teachers.
  • BA is supported by the leadership of both a forward-thinking School Board and a progressive district office. The board, the district, and the school are all committed to implementing a bold Strategic Plan aimed at developing our students to their greatest potential, and cultivating their fluency in the 5Cs: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, Citizenship (global and local), and Creativity & Innovation.
  • The San Carlos Educational Foundation (SCEF) keeps programs alive– programs that state budget cuts have eliminated from districts all over the state. SCEF helps fund BA’s School Counselor, Music (and Glee), hands-on Science, P.E., Literacy and Technology Associates, our Librarian, and more. Additionally, SCEF funds field trips, supports BA with Principal’s Flex Funds, and offers Educator Innovation Funds to our teachers as requested.
  • BA’s 21st century teachers and staff are highly qualified, caring individuals. They are dedicated to making certain every child’s needs are met, both academically and socially.

Any one of the above would be enough to give an administrator hope. The fact that so much is in place here at Brittan Acres is truly amazing. But what’s more exciting still is that all of us believe we can do even better. I’m grateful to be here at this moment of opportunity, and I look forward to working with you as we continue this great adventure together.

Best wishes,
John Triska