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Principal’s Message 12/7/2015

Date: December 10, 2015 Author: Michelle Marchena Curtis Categories: Uncategorized

Hello BA families.

At last week’s Mindful Recess assembly, we reviewed what it means to take responsibility and lead by example at Brittan Acres’ recess times:

  1. Take care of each other. This means playing in ways that are respectful, including thinking about consequences before acting– like choosing the right place to kick a ball, and considering how we speak with each other in a playground disagreement. It also means stopping play to help someone who is hurt, either physically or emotionally, to stay with them until they feel better.
  2. Take care of our things. This means playing with our gear responsibly, like using hula hoops in ways that don’t break them, and returning our balls and jump ropes to the ball cart so they are ready for the next group of children.
  3. Take care of our environment. This means being mindful of how we impact our playground, including staying off the wet field, knowing where to put our litter, and even picking up after each other, when we see it needs doing– what we call “pitching in.”

I know these are also your rules for living at home. Imagine a community, or even a planet, where these were the expectations and motivations of all of us! One of the pleasures of being an elementary school principal is being allowed to believe that is possible.

Best wishes,

John Triska