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Principal’s Message 12/14/2015

Date: December 14, 2015 Author: Michelle Marchena Curtis Categories: Featured, Principals Message

Hello BA families.

Have you heard about Hour of Code, the global initiative to involve students in the skills of computer science: logic, problem solving, and creativity?

Here at BA, students and teachers have joined the movement, and over the past two weeks kids have been learning to code via a number of online venues including, Khan Academy, Scratch, and Scratch Jr. for iPads. Our students have been operating in the familiar realms of Star Wars, Frozen, Minecraft, and Angry Birds, to name a few. Some are applying grade level subject content– for example, a group of 4th graders created a video game activity using recently acquired division skills.

When I I asked BA’s Tech Coach Tony Luong how early our students could learn computer sciences, he described teaching Kindergartners with no-tech games in their first week: they gave directions to a robotic teacher to move him about the classroom– using coding logic.

Meanwhile, in an application that is both virtual and actual, Ms. Corea’s 1st/2nd class is coding WeDo Lego robots on HP Tablet Hybrid PCs. I had to be careful during a visit: a robotic alligator that was programed to sense something in its mouth snapped its jaws shut on my iPhone.

It’s exciting to see the students so engaged in their learning!

Where does the time go? Next time I write, it will be 2016. I wish all of you a wonderful Winter Break full of family and fun, and look forward to being back together again in January.

Best always,

John Triska