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2016 Honorary Service Award – Eirene Chen

Eirene is someone with a steady hand and a thoughtful mind who has steered BA’s PTA through change and innovation.


She served on the PTA Board for 3 years, 2 of them as Co­President. As a leader, she supported and guided the Board with kindness, passion and patience. She recognizes what it means to volunteer and the time it takes. She is respectful of people’s needs and empowers the people around her to be the best they can be. Making posters, writing blurbs for the Blast, personally thanking our volunteers, Eirene did all of that.


Where Eirene saw opportunity for improvement, she took it on. She researched ideas, formulated a plan, presented it, received feedback and implemented it. Two of her noteworthy changes are the revamped Book Fair to Celebrate Reading Festival and the Multi­Cultural Fair changed to in­ classroom Multi­Cultural Experiences.  Besides her work on campus, Eirene chose to serve her entire San Carlos community by running a strong campaign and winning a spot to serve on the District’s School Board. We are lucky that her influence and interest in bettering education will continue.