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Principal’s Message 2/1/2016

Date: February 1, 2016 Author: Michelle Marchena Curtis Categories: Featured, Principals Message

Hello BA families.

I know it’s traditional to exchange Valentines at schools for Valentine’s Day, which this year falls a week from Sunday, starting off our President’s Week Break. Check with your teachers– classrooms also may have parties. So just in case, I’m using my message this week for a health and safety reminder. Please follow these guidelines to ensure all our celebrations at school this year are safe and inclusive:

  • Please, no candy or other food items should be inserted with Valentines that are handed out to students here at school.
  • Know which food allergens are present in your classroom. Your teachers will provide room parents a list of allergens that must be avoided while also protecting the identity of the student(s). Communicate with the room parent to know which foods to avoid bringing.
  • Read labels. Avoid foods with labels that say “may contain” or “was processed on shared equipment”. Also be aware of “hidden” allergens such as egg yolk in ranch dressing or chips made with peanut oil (typically the kettle kind). Reading labels is crucial.
  • Homemade food ingredient lists. If you bring a yummy homemade item, provide a list of ingredients to the teacher. That way if an allergic reaction should occur, we will know exactly what the student ate.
  • No peanut butter. Peanut allergy is our number one allergy and due to the sticky/messy nature, the risk of cross contact on playground equipment, door handles, and water fountains is too high.
  • Healthy Foods. At BA we promote healthy eating. We ask that celebrations limit highly caloric, non-nutritious items, and encourage fruits and vegetables for classroom parties.

Thank you, and best wishes!

John Triska