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2016 Honorary Service Award – Christina Lee

Date: May 24, 2016 Author: Michelle Marchena Curtis Categories: Uncategorized

Mrs. Lee is a one-of-a-kind teacher.  She’s the kind of teacher who stays up until midnight cutting out shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, dresses and six types of yarn (for hair) so that kids in her class can make cut-outs of themselves that look just like them.  She goes above and beyond for her class every day.  She challenges them with projects that are very time-consuming for her to prepare, but these projects help her students grow by leaps and bounds.  She is also very open with the class and shares stories about her family, including the fact that this year she leaves school every day to take her youngest son, who has some serious health issues, to speech therapy.  Another person might choose to do less at school with so much on her plate on a personal level.  But Mrs. Lee doesn’t.  She sits on committees and rolls out PBL’s on healthy eating and collecting new pajamas for foster kids.  In addition, she  takes on projects outside the classroom such as the school picnic last year. She is a shining example to us all.  She holds a very special place in the hearts of her students’ family and she should be recognized for all that she contributes to Brittan Acres.


Mrs. Lee embodies everything you want in a kindergarten teacher,she is kind, patient, encouraging, organized, fun, smart, friendly, respectful, and most of all loving.  Mrs. Lee’s student’s all know that she believes in them and that in her classroom and on her watch they are safe and valued which makes it easy for them to learn.  In kindergarten everything is new and Mrs. Lee has a way of presenting all of it in a clear and fun way.  Mrs. Lee makes it clear to her students that it is their job to support each other and that the Room 3 friends are expected to work hard and do their best.