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2016 Honorary Service Award – Marie Young

Date: May 24, 2016 Author: Michelle Marchena Curtis Categories: PTA

Some people say that they can see the aura of other people. I don’t think that any of us or the children at school during all these years, were able to see Marie’s aura, but when she comes inside the classroom we all fell the touch of her warm light. Her gentle smile, her brave way to face problems with spicy humor, her knowledge about life … spreads luminescence over us. When our hearts feel pain or worries, Marie is always there with a memory to tell, a lovely song to share or an old saying to brighten our day.


She has treasured all her experiences to build an open mind to reach the students.  Embracing always the student’s unique ways, she works everyday building bridges to create learning opportunities.  She knows from the heart that teaching goes hand by hand with the power of love.  That teaching is way more than just passing along information.


Because of that Marie will never retire.  We may not see her everyday in our classroom next year, but she will always stay in the hearts of the children she has taught.  Her gift will go and become part of the beautiful human beings that she has touched.