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About Our School

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About Our School

Brittan Acres is a PK-3 elementary school in the San Carlos School District serving 354 students. The campus is located in the residential section of San Carlos at Tamarack and Belle Avenues.

Brittan Acres opened in 1952 and has a long tradition of providing rich learning experiences for children in a warm and caring environment. The school mission is “to create a thoughtful, caring community of lifelong learners that prepares students to be creative, productive, and responsible citizens in the new millennium.”

Our school board has set standards for all students in the areas of math, language arts, science, and critical thinking. Locally developed assessments help us monitor student performance at each grade level. In addition, the staff is committed to analyzing student work and then using this information to improve teaching and learning. As required by law, each student in grades 2-3 is administered the STAR test, which reflects individual student mastery of state standards in English/Langage Arts and Mathematics.

The school has received many honors. In 1991, the San Francisco Examiner listed Brittan Acres as one of the Bay Area’s best schools. In October 1994, Brittan Acres was the recipient of the 1994 Humane Education Award from the Peninsula Humane Society. The school was recognized as a “vibrant learning community” with many exemplary school practices and many successful efforts when it was accepted as a member school in the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative in May, 1996. Brittan Acres was named a California Distinguished School in May 1997. In June 1997, the school was selected as a Leadership School for funding by the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative (Hewlett-Annenberg grant).

In the 1999 – 2000 school year, Brittan Acres became a conversion charter school. The charter has allowed B.A. to have some flexibility in student population and class-size reduction for the 4th grade beginning in 2000 – 2001.

There is a very focused effort at the school to “build powerful readers and exceptional communicators”. A four-year plan that utilizes best practices in teaching and learning has been funded as a result of the Annenberg grant. This emphasis on literacy, coupled with class size reduction in all grades, has a substantial effect on all students’ achievement in reading and writing.

Brittan Acres is very fortunate to have an incredibly large degree of parental involvement. Parents volunteer in the classrooms to not only assist individual students, but to implement the gardening and art programs. They coordinate such activities as Family Science Night, book fairs, and community-building events. Parents are true partners with the school as shown by a 99% attendance rate at conferences and an overwhelming attendance at Open House and Parent Information Night. The very active PTA is a great source of support for the school.

In addition to the excellent parent support, the school enjoys a successful partnership with the San Carlos Rotary. This organization has sponsored the redevelopment of the school bog and the establishment of the B.U.G.S. school garden program. Students learn math and science through garden experiments in this wonderful outdoor living laboratory. Other community and business support has assisted with the building of a local area network that provides Internet access and e-mail to staff and students. A partnership with the city of San Carlos has allowed us to continue the Healthy Cities program on our campus. This is a student/mentoring program for students in grades K-8 to assist students who need extra support. We also have a wonderful program, the Friendship Group, that helps students build social skills, self-confidence, and stronger peer relationships.

If you would like more information about Brittan Acres School or any of the programs mentioned, please contact our office at 650-508-7307.

To view and download the Brittan Acres Elementary School Accountability Report Card, click here Brittan Acres 2014-15 SARC