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The Library Media Center is open every school day from 8:00am until 2:30pm, except Wednesdays when it is open from 8:30am until 12:30pm.

The Accelerated Reader program is available for interested students from 8:30am to 9:30am Monday – Thursday; participation is highly encouraged but not required.

E-books and interactive books (that read themselves to you) that are a part of the BA library are now available for our students’ use outside of school.

No matter where you find yourselves, if you are able to get online, your children can enjoy these books.

Just log on to the library researcher at and click on Researcher. Then, in the Explore bar, click on the e-books icon to bring up a list of all our e-books and interactive books.

Stop by for a visit during school hours – visitors are welcome and volunteers are always appreciated!

The Peninsula Library System has a searchable web catalog you can use to help locate books for research projects. To ask a question or volunteer to work in the library, email Denise Drach, who will be happy to respond just as soon as she finishes her reading…

Shop on & Support the Library

The Brittan Acres School Library has joined the Amazon SchoolRewards Associates program, an effortless way for you to help us continue growing and improving our library, simply by shopping at  When ordering on Amazon just make sure to use our SchoolRewards link.  When doing so we receive up to 10 percent of every Amazon purchase.

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