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Holiday Boutique

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Holiday Boutique

On Saturday, December 3rd from 9:00a.m.-1:00p.m. our Brittan Acres multi-use room will be transformed into a Holiday Boutique, filled with gifts entirely made and assembled by B.A. families! Our Brittan Acres students are encouraged to check off their holiday shopping list, while purchasing these lovingly crafted gifts that are all priced from $1-$5. The students shop with the assistance of a big kid helper instead of with their parents, allowing each child to work within a budget and to keep their gifts a surprise. Parents and siblings will be invited to wait in our Bruin Cafe where delicious homemade treats and drinks will be sold, as well as a Book Fair will be set up to shop while you wait. Please look for a flyer to come home with a budget envelope on Monday, November 28th explaining our Boutique in more detail.

There will also be a smaller pre-sale on Friday, December 2nd from 2:30-5:30pm for those students who cannot come on Saturday. We encourage kindergartners, transitional-kindergartners and BA preschool students to attend our pre-sale, as parents can shop with them, and the crowds are much smaller.

There are many ways we could use your help. Please visit this volunteer page to help us with this wonderful, community-building tradition at Brittan Acres:

Ways to help:

  • Makes some gifts. We have pre-assembled boxes with every supply and instruction necessary to make some of our favorite Boutique gifts at home.
  • Join other B.A. parents at a gift assembly party
  • Volunteer at our pre-sale or main sale- we need lots of help!
  • Sign up your B.A. alumni child(ren) to be a big kid helper for our students on the day of the main sale.
  • Bake some treats to be sold at our Bruin Cafe