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Student Council

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Student Council

Student Council Advisor: Ms. Genevieve Banet

Student Council Members are elected by their classmates during one of three separate campaigns at each trimester. Two students from each 3rd and 4th class are chosen each trimester. No student can serve twice in the same year to give other students a chance at serving. Students are expected to prepare a campaign speech to recite in front of the class on election day and the two students who get the most votes are automatically chosen to serve for that semester.
Student Council Member Responsibilities include:

  • Attending a meeting twice a month during lunchtime.
  • Taking notes during the meeting.
  • Reporting back to the class with information.
  • Doing a share in the jobs to be done (making posters, etc.).
  • Students must be elected to serve on the Student Council. Elections are held once each trimester.