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Wild Zone

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Wild Zone

What is a Wild Zone?
Wild Zones are places where children can co-create a new form of play space that is dedicated to creativity and play in nature. They differ from parks and playgrounds because they offer opportunities to interact with the environment, doing practical and adventurous things, rather than leaving it untouched.
For example:
  • Create sculptures from natural materials
  • Construct shelters from plants, branches and rocks
  • Build fairy houses, gnome homes and elf dwellings
  • Making trails
  • Play with water and mud
  • Weave fantasy play, stories and games into their activities
  • Other types of free and creative play


A Wild Zone is an outdoor laboratory of creativity with open-ended possibilities for self-designed play, creativity, learning and socializing
In the Brittan Acres Wild Zone, we want the kids to be able to play freely and creatively. However, there are three rules that the students know they need to follow.
         Be kind
          Be safe
          Respect nature
The Brittan Acres Wild Zone is open during recesses when parent volunteers are available to supervise as “Wild Zone Rangers”.   If you are interested in volunteering,  click here to sign up.




4FC3E7F0-E504-410F-AEAA-05022DD2440E.JPGResources for Rangers

    Wild Zone Ranger Tip Sheet

    Protocol repeated rule violations